Dayle 20Garner

Dayle Garner is trained in NRT and ART, two muscle testing techniques. These types of muscle testing helps her identify the areas of your body that are struggling, what’s causing them to struggle, and the appropriate course of action to detox and supplement your body back to feeling your BEST! She educates on lifestyle and diet to boost your healing process.

"I believe in the whole-body approach where chiropractic, massage, emotional work, diet, detox and physical fitness are all pieces of the puzzle. At Texoma Wellness, we have all the tools to help you achieve your best life. I look forward to working with all of you!"

Specializing in treating:


Food Intolerances

Digestive Problems

Weight Issues

Hormone Imbalances

High Blood Pressure

Blood Sugar issues

Thyroid Problems

Athritis and Poor Circulation

And more!

Dayle works out of our Whitesboro location and also doubles as a massage therapist!