Our Office

Texoma Wellness Center has been proudly serving Whitesboro and the surrounding areas for 27 years and counting. We strive to help our patients reach their maximum health potential through chiropractic, nutrition, fitness, and more! Our staff has a passion for wellness and the community. With a unique office setup incorporating a multitude of health services, we are dedicated to seeing improvements in your health. TWC gladly accepts most health insurance. We also offer other payment plan options and cash services allowing access to high-quality care for you and your family.

Our Staff

paul crossDr. Paul Cross, Chiropractor

TUCK Dr. Dave Tuck, Owner & Chiropractor

Jessica WrightJessica Wright, Practice Manager

Tammy Colwell Tammy Colwell, Front Desk/Office Coordinator

Kim Gamble Kim Gamble, Lead Chiropractic Assistant Coordinator

Kayla Richer Kayla Richer, Chiropractic Assistant

Abbie VAbbie Villanueva, Chiropractic Assistant

Lyne CiconLyne Cicon, PI/Insurance Specialist

Tania Tuck Tania Tuck, Owner & Supreme Wellness Coach

Dayle 20Garner Dayle Garner, Nutritional Consultant

Tameka Kauefer Tameka Kaeufer, Licensed Massage Therapist

Trish Whetstone Trish Whetstone, Licensed Massage Therapist

JB Hayes JB Hayes, TYFC Gym Manager

David Bohls David Bohls, TYFC Personal Trainer