Personal Training

The TYFC has on-site, full-time personal trainers ready to start coaching you TODAY! Each personal training session includes the following:

  • 60-minute sessions
  • Personalized Workouts with a trainer tailored to your specific goals
  • Personalized Workout Plans for home tailored to your specific goals
  • Nutrition Coaching


  • SINGLE-SESSIONS (PAY-AS-YOU-GO) - $80.00/60-minute session
  • 5-SESSION PACKAGE - $350.00 ($70/60-minute session)
  • 10-SESSION PACKAGE - $600.00 ($60/60-minute session)
  • 15-SESSION PACKAGE - $750.00 ($50/60-minute session)

Free Consultation

Anyone interested in checking out the PT program at the TYFC will receive a free, one-time 30-minute personal training consultation. This consultation may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • PHYSICAL ASSESSMENT – (including body fat composition assessment and circumferential measurements)
  • ANSWERS to questions about the equipment in the facility
  • EVALUATION/ESTABLISHING of a plan to begin the process of achieving your personal fitness goals


Anyone interested in personal training at the TYFC can get in contact with a TYFC representative in the following ways:

  • WALK-IN to the Texoma Wellness office and ask for a Personal Trainer or the Gym Manager
  • CALL (903) 564-9064 and ask for a Personal Trainer or the Gym Manager
  • EMAIL the TYFC at